Dexter – Suspected Chemical Burns

The CSTR Tallahassee program brought in a new foster dog on Saturday, 6/23/12.  Dexter came from a kill shelter in Orlando.  We were told he had “flaky skin”, but on arrival discovered that he has what appears to be chemical burns on his back resulting in hairloss and open sores. 

Dexter - back Dexter

We need to raise his intake sponsorship to get him the vetting services he needs, so please donate, if you can.

Buy some wine, help the CSTR Shih Tzu!

Benefit Wines Fundraiser BannerDo you drink wine?  Want to help the CSTR foster dogs? is holding a fundraiser for CSTR, and every bottle of wine sold means help for the CSTR vet fund.  There are six different bottles, each with a picture of a former CSTR foster dog who has been successfully placed in his or her forever home.  $6 from each bottle sold goes to CSTR, so get your Pinot Noir, your Merlot, your Chardonnay, etc. from the Crossroads Cellars page and help the CSTR foster dogs today!

Mollie and Peggy Need Vetting

Mollie and Peggy are two puppy mill survivors who have made it from Missouri to the CSTR IL foster program.  We need to raise their intake vetting sponsorships so that we can get them the vetting services they need to start their new lives.  If you can help us, please click on the ChipIn below and donate today.  Thank you!