Crossroads Refuge

The Crossroads Refuge program is for dogs who come into our program with significant health and/or behavioral issues that make them “unadoptable”, whether permanently or temporarily, yet who still have lives to live. Some of these dogs require extensive and costly veterinary care while others have conditions that may require regular veterinary care and medications so have ongoing and often expensive medical costs.

When CSTR organized in 2008, it was done so with the commitment from the very beginning to take in the dogs that need us most, regardless of whether or not they will ever be considered “adoptable” and those that are most often passed by by other rescue groups but who still have lives to live.  We created the Refuge program in 2008 for those dogs taken in who have health or behavior issues rendering them either temporarily or permanently unadoptable.  Then in 2012, CSTR won a $25,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant, and with that grant money created Polo’s Refuge, CSTR’s Senior Dog Retirement Home.  The “home” is a permanent home for many of the participants in the Crossroads Refuge program to live out their lives in comfort.  (Visit the Polo’s Refuge page for more information.)  The majority of these dogs are cared for in our primary foster home in Tallahassee, FL where the Polo’s Refuge Senior Dog Retirement Home is also located.

As a result of our commitment to the dogs who need us most, CSTR has many dogs in our program with significant special needs that result in considerable ongoing monthly costs for medications and other supplements that help maintain their quality of life as well as yearly veterinary visits to maintain their health and quality of life.  While we continue to apply for grants and other funding opportunities to help with these costs, the sad fact of the matter is that because we are such a small program, we continue to get passed over in favor of the much larger groups.  The other fact is that most grants do not allow the funds to go toward daily operating expenses or vet bills, which is what we need it for in order to continue caring for these sweet souls.  Because of this, we rely on donations in order to be able to continue to pay for these monthly costs.  Please see the Refuge dogs listed below, from both our general Refuge and Polo’s Refuge programs, and if you would donate sponsorship money to their care, we – and they – would greatly appreciate it!

With your 2017 sponsorship, you will receive a photograph of your sponsored dog as well as a small, special gift of appreciation for your support.

Click on each photo to learn about each dog and how you can help!

Berta thumbnail

Berta –
Polo’s Refuge

Lucy thumbnail

Lucy –
Polo’s Refuge


Toby –
Refuge Program

Allison thumbnail

Allison –
Polo’s Refuge

Glynis thumbnail

Glynis –
Polo’s Refuge

Remi thumbnail

Remi –
Polo’s Refuge

Bobby - thumbnail

Bobby –
Polo’s Refuge


Oliver –
Polo’s Refuge

Odin thumbnail

Odin –
Polo’s Refuge

JJ thumbnail

JJ –
Refuge Program

Cassie thumbnail

Cassie –
Refuge Program

Leo thumbnail

Leo –
Polo’s Refuge

Harley thumbnail

Harley –
Polo’s Refuge

Reese Thumbnail

Reese –
Refuge Program

Elijah thumbnail

Elijah –
Refuge Program

Noah thumbnail

Noah –
Refuge Program